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About Us

We are a wholesale nursery specializing in plants native to coastal BC.

Established in 2004, we are an environmentally conscious nursery free of pesticicides and herbicides.


We are proud members of
Feature Plant
Symphoricarpos albus  Snowberry
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This deciduous shrub grows in a wide variety of conditions. While the berries are not edible to humans, they are enjoyed by birds. Also the late season flowers are greatly appreciated by pollinators. And the early winter decorative berries add some interest to the landscape.


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Winter 2016-2017

Well this has been out of the ordinary to say the least!

However, we were very lucky to have a deep snow cover for the entire five week cold snap. The insulating snowcover should mean minimal plant loss.

Mark your Calendar!!

4th Annual "Seconds Sale"!

Date: TBA Spring 2017

Details coming soon!!


Update January - 2016


We have moved!!
Birch Grove Nursery went through some massive changes over the last year, including a move to a new larger location.
We have now moved all of our  plant stock and greenhouses to the ....
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